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"The score is heavily based on pulses that I made from tape loops from my Copicat tape delay, using various pieces of metal to create the sound of the horror parts by bowing them alongside digital synths and the Korg Monologue."- Lucrecia Dalt

Side A


No One Around

Blob on the Lawn

The Gardener

They Shoot Horses

Blob Lands



Anabolic Alien

Magnetic Kiss

Alien Lullaby

Pink Pool


Side B

Meat Carpet

Liminal Ménage à Trois


Gerasene Demoniac

Crawling Tentacles

Venutian Offspring

Face Sponged

Xenomorph Killing

Chasing Heather

Chasing Dee

O! Bad Shot

Black Matter Tears

Squid Lady

Leonids’ Temple

Lucrecia Dalt- The Seed

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