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“ feels all ravelled up in that feeling of being 10ness, of feeling kind of smart and kind of calm and pretty happy and safe, of feeling that life really is fucking wonderful”- The Guardian


Side A

Barry Louis Polisar- All I Want Is You

Kimya Dawson- My Rollercoaster (Juno Film Version)

The Kinks- A Well Respected Man

Buddy Holly- Dearest

Mateo Messina- Up The Spout

Kimya Dawson- Tire Swing

Belle & Sebastian- Piazza, New York Catcher

Kimya Dawson- Loose Lips

Sonic Youth- Superstar

Kimya Dawson- Sleep (Instrumental)


Side B

Belle & Sebastian- Expectations

Mott The Hoople- All The Young Dudes

Kimya Dawson- So Nice So Smart

Cat Power- Sea Of Love

Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants- Tree Hugger

The Velvet Underground- I'm Sticking With You

The Moldy Peaches- Anyone Else But You

Antsy Pants- Vampire

Michael Cera & Ellen Page- Anyone Else But You

Juno (Music From The Motion Picture)

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